The Transgender Experience is unlike any other.  It transcends borders, races, cultures, genders, religions, politics, and class systems.  It is wonderful/terrifying, hope-filled/disappointing, exhilarating/mundane, enabling/inhibiting. It is a moving force of human bravery bringing the light of understanding to a divided world. 

We will celebrate the Transgender Experience by showcasing the excellence of Transgender persons and Allies.  We will entertain, educate and empower attendees in moving forward our community’s socio-economic, health/wellness and political agendas.

Taking place in the spring of 2018, LA TransCon is being created to provide a world class conference with unique, inspirational and entertaining speakers/presenters/vendors from Entertainment, Activism, Politics, Medicine, Family Services and more. Los Angeles is a prime destination for a never before national/international level conference in the Southwest.  Attendees will be treated like the stars they truly are while being presented with some of the most diverse/innovative speakers, workshops and panel discussions ever assembled.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

~ Gandhi

This above all else is the motivation for organizing this conference. By creating a supportive space in which to celebrate each person’s journey towards authenticity, attendees will feel inspired and emboldened to emerge from the shadows and follow a path towards open personal fulfillment.

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