LA TransCon is envisioned as the premier Transgender conference in the country.  Advocates, Celebrities, Political Figures, Medical Professionals, Religious Leaders and Trans-friendly organizations/businesses from around the country and around the world are being solicited to participate.  So far, this event is being well received.

Our goal is to assemble preeminent speakers as relates to Transgender peoples in the areas of Medical Treatment, Family and Social Services, Youth Engagement, Public Administration, Employment, Activism, Politics, and Religion.  With a combination of Presentations, Discussion Panels, Breakout Groups and Workshops, there will be something inspirational for everyone.

From the first moment a guest arrives at the conference, they will be greeted by friendly knowledgeable staff making them feel welcomed and loved.  Around the clock staff will work tirelessly to ensure each guest has everything they need to make their experience special and unique.  Everyone will be treated like the VIP Celebrity they are.

We will forge new alliances and cultivate existing ones with the Entertainment Industry by inviting them to participate in the conference in the hopes of further expanding their role in positively representing the Transgender Community in the media.

While other conferences of this nature tend to be medical centric, LA TransCon will engage in a well rounded and diverse program of participants.  Our overriding directive in planning this event is to think outside of the box.  We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to fill each day of the conference with relevant, informative and entertaining content.

Special consideration will be given to Transgender Youth and their families.  We will enlist a publicly visible Transgender teenager to head up the general planning for our youth program with guidance from our operations team.

The convention is planned for April of 2019 (Friday through Sunday) with pre-conference activities at local Hollywood venues planned for early guests on Thursday evening and a farewell dinner Sunday evening.

Daytime Program Themes for the conference will cover the gamut of important issues facing Transgender people today.  These themes will include youth/family, employment, education, politics, and social/entertainment topics, each represented by one or more strategic partners that specifically serve or address Transgender Issues.

Love will be in the air Friday evening with a group wedding and Hollywood style reception.  We will showcase the love Transgender people share with others.  We will enlist a well known Transgender minister to administer the vows and DJs/live entertainment will rock the reception.

The conference will explode Saturday night with a 2 hour star-studded red carpet awards dinner followed by a Gala/Dance Party. The awards dinner will acknowledge prominent Transgender Leaders and Allies for their outstanding service to our community.  Renowned DJs and live entertainment will keep the party cranking for what will assuredly be the largest Transgender party ever held in Los Angeles.

We will wind down the conference Sunday night with more delicious food at our Good-bye Mixer.  This will give our guests a wonderful chance to give and get their goodbye hugs in.

(Please note: all activities listed are subject to change without notice as planning progresses)

Our Operations Team consists of a diverse selection of local Transgender & Allied Leaders and has been assembled to tackle this event head-on.  These members bring unique and diverse experiences/expertise in the areas of Event Planning/Programming, Business Management, Entertainment Production, Finance, Fundraising, and more thus creating a team which is well-balanced and effective.

Our Host Committee has the primary purpose of helping raise funds for the convention by selling sponsorships and tickets. Members of the committee should be willing to open up their networks and Rolodexes.

Our Honorary Advisory Board has been created in an effort to demonstrate strong commitments specifically from within the Transgender Community, more broadly from within the LGBT Community, and our Allies. Honorary Board members will lend their names as their way to endorse our efforts.

LA TransCon has the ability to utilize the advice, experience, and expertise from a broad range of Consulting Partners, Organizations and Individuals who are uniquely qualified and dedicated to the furtherance of Transgender Equality.

We are greatly honored to have partnered with West Hollywood based Being Alive as our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor allowing us to offer tax deductions to donors/sponsors.  Being Alive was established in 1986 to end HIV infections by eliminating stigma, engaging people in wellness, removing barriers, and restoring dignity.  Today, Being Alive serves as a beacon of emotional support, treatment education, and empowerment to thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS.

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